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Living Trust Kit

Living Trust kit Avoid probate with a Living Trust Agreement! The Wall Street Journal says, "The advantages of living..$17.95

Probate Kit

Probate kit When a person dies, the family need not automatically hire an attorney to handle the probate of the estate....$17.95

Estate Planning Kit

Estate Planning Kit

Our number one seller! Prepare a Revocable Living Trust, Living Will and Last Will & Testament with this kit, in the privacy of your  home....$34.95

Credit Repair Kit

Credit repair kit In today's world, good credit is important-It gives you purchasing power. This kit will show you how to repair or establish credit....$11.95

Incorporation Kit

Incorporation Kit If you plan to incorporate a business, you can save hundreds of dollars in legal fees by forming the corporation yourself!...$29.95

Internet Business Kit

Internet Business Kit You can make money with the internet- the biggest technology revolution to ever hit the world! This kit will show you how....$29.95

Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney Preparing a power of attorney has never been easier or less expensive. This kit includes all the legal fill-in-the-blanks documents..$17.95

Home Sale Kit

Home sale kit You can save yourself thousands of dollars in broker's commissions by utilizing the proven techniques outlined in this kit... $11.95

Limited Liability

INFO America® Legal and Business Kit Series. Valid in all 50 States! All Forms and Software Included. TOLL-FREE HELP LINE Included! No Attorney Needed. Up-to-Date and 100% Guaranteed! Easy to Understand with Step-by-Step Instructions.  Price: $29.95 plus S&H. Best Price Around!

If you are planning to form a limited liability company in any state, you can save hundreds of dollars in legal fees by forming an LLC with this kit. It includes all the documents and instructions you will need to successfully form a Limited Liability Company in any state -- and you won't need an attorney

Why form an LLC? Why use this kit?

Attorneys typically charge between $500 and $1,000 to form a Limited Liability Company. When a business is new, money is tight; couldn't you find a better way to invest that money? LLCs hybrid a corporation and partnership; the owners of an LLC receive the limited liability of incorporating without all the paperwork and government regulations. An LLC must have two or more owners. This Kit includes all the documents you need to form an LLC in your state, along with full instructions. It discusses what an LLC is and the advantages of forming an LLC in your state. (You will need to pay state fees when you submit the documents; fees vary from state to state, averaging $100 to $150.)

So what are the advantages of an LLC?

Limited Liability - The liability of the owners is limited to the extent of their investment in the LLC (with the exception of unpaid taxes.) Creditors cannot attach property of the owners. The LLC can enter into contracts, sue and be sued without involvement of the owners.

Member Contributions - Capital can vary but it can consist of cash, property, services, or the obligation to contribute additional cash.

Tax Options - Properly structured, an LLC is taxed as a partnership rather than a corporation for federal income tax purposes. Since LLC's can be taxed as partnerships it can avoid double taxation.

Governmental Regulation - An LLC is subject to fewer governmental regulations and a lot less paperwork and filing fees than the typical corporations.

Complete Kit: Forms & instructions with optional 3.5 inch software disk


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